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These terms of use of the DSprojekt.pl website (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") apply to visits to and use of DSprojekt.pl websites as well as information provided to users on this Website and through it in any form (hereinafter referred to as "Information" ). By visiting the Site, the visitor (hereinafter "User") automatically agrees to these Terms. DSproject may change these Terms at any time without notice. Such amended Terms will be effective from the time they are posted on the Site. DSproejkt will make every effort to post the current version of the Terms on this website so that the User can always access it.


DSprojekt does not guarantee that the Website will work flawlessly and uninterruptedly. Some Information may be incomplete and / or incorrect and / or out of date. DSproejkt is not responsible for the use of external websites operated by entities other than DSproejkt that are referenced on or refer to the Website, or for the content of such websites. Our privacy and cookie policy does not apply to your personal information collected and processed by or through these external sites.


The information is intended for general information purposes only and should not be considered by the User as recommendations, formulas, structured calculations, estimates or any other kind of guarantee or representation. DSproject does not guarantee the accuracy and / or completeness of the Information (including those relating to DSproject products) and is not responsible for its suitability for the purpose intended by the user. Users and third parties must obtain information from a professional advisor about the (suitability) of DSproject products for all desired applications and about applicable laws and regulations.

You may use Information such as documents, photos, drawings, illustrations and other types of content subject to the following conditions: You may learn about the Site and Information and copy the Information for your own use, such as by printing or storing it. Any use of the Information is allowed only in connection with the sale and / or purchase of DSprojekt products. The information may not be modified or changed in any way. The illustrations on the Website may not be used without the accompanying text. In addition, the Information may not be used in a way that would infringe DSproject's intellectual property rights or these Terms. The User is expressly responsible for always using the most recent Information on the Website. Therefore, if you use Information, you must check it regularly to ensure it is consistent with the most recent information on the Site. Any other use of the Website and / or Information, including its dissemination, copying, modification, publication, storage in an automated data file or sending such a file without the prior written consent of DSproject, is expressly prohibited.

The use of the Website is entirely at your own risk. The user is responsible for everything that he uploads to and downloads from the Site.

DSproject has the right to change or terminate the availability of the Website and / or Information and services offered on the Websites for any reason or limit access to such Information or services. DSprojekt is not responsible for the consequences of changes made to the Information.

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DSproject shall not be liable (contractual or non-contractual) for any damages resulting from the use (or inability to use) of the Website, including damages resulting from the action of viruses or the inaccuracy and / or incompleteness of the Information. DSproject is also not liable (contractual or non-contractual) for damages resulting from the use of electronic means of communication with this Website, including but not limited to damages resulting from non-delivery or delayed delivery of electronic messages, their interception or manipulation by third parties, or damage caused by equipment. or software used for electronic communication or the transmission of viruses. These restrictions do not apply when such damage is the result of willful or gross negligence on the part of DSprojekt.

Intellectual property

All copyrights and other intellectual property rights and rights relating to the content of the Site (including logos, trademarks, service marks, software, databases, audio, video, text and photos) belong to DSproject.

General conditions

All oral and written representations, offers, quotes, sales, deliveries and / or contracts and any related activities of DSprojekt are subject to DSprojekt's General Conditions of Sale. Any general terms and conditions other than those mentioned above are hereby excluded and shall not apply, even if they are referred to in requests for quotations, confirmations of offers, printed forms and / or other documents of the other party.

Invalidity of the provisions

In the event that part of these Terms is invalid, the remainder will continue to be binding on DSproject and the user. The project will replace the invalid part with valid clauses.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the above provisions, please contact us by e-mail at: Biuro@DSprojekt.pl.