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Each website is characterized by different elements, a different degree of development, technologies used to build it, the website will be individually priced. Please provide a small specification that will help with the price calculation.

Basic Definitions

Basic knowledge of websites worth knowing.
Internet domain
Element of the DNS address used for naming websites. Internet domain can consist of lowercase letters and numbers.
Website hosting
a server for websites provided by an internet service provider. The place on the server where the scripts and databases that make up the website are located.
SSL certificate
An SSL certificate is a tool that certifies the credibility of a domain or domain and its owner. It confirms the security of encryption of data sent between the user and the server.
Contact form
The contact form is a very important tool. Use the form, enabling potential customers to contact quickly and without any problems.
Live Chat
Live Chat is about allowing a user to chat with an agent via a website. The chat feature is provided by the messenger application that does not require any software to be installed on the user's computer.
site navigation. It can be at the top of the page or on the side of it. It contains links (links) to the most important subpages and allows you to efficiently navigate between them.

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